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We will hold autitions again in Fall 2015.

Ketzev welcomes you to Hopkins and invites you to come out and audition for us! We understand that the beginning of the year can be a bit stressful, so we've made this page to make the audition process as painless as possible.

It all starts at the O-Show, when all of the singing groups, including Ketzev, perform for you. After the O-Show, you'll head over to the reception for the chance to sign up for an audition.

Auditioning for Ketzev is fun! We welcome you to audition for any voice part (don't worry if you're not sure what voice part you are, we'll figure it out with you during the audition). While many of our members have musical experience, this is absolutely not a requirement.

The audition itself isn't scary at all. We'll start with a few warm-up exercises to make sure you're ready to dazzle us, and to get a sense of your range. Then we'll teach you part of one of our songs and have you sing it with a quartet to see how you blend with the group. Finally, we'll ask you to sing a solo of your choosing. Feel free to choose a solo from any style or genre that you want. We've heard it all, from Britney Spears to Turkish melodies to Happy Birthday.

You do NOT need to be Jewish to be a member of Ketzev. In fact, the current group is very multicultural, and we welcome members from all backgrounds. You do NOT need to know Hebrew -- we learn all of our non-English (Hebrew, Yiddish) songs by transliterations. The only requirement we have is that you like to sing...and be merry.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us.

Once again, welcome to Hopkins!